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30 April 2015 @ 11:20 pm

SCANS: hubbelbu @ niji_no_iro / BACKGROUND: Background Labs
BANNER: warriorkitana (Me!)

** Please comment with why you think I should add you, and then add me to your journal. Please have an active Livejournal. I reserve the right to decline anyone.


** My friends-only posts are my personal life / reflections, 50% fangirling posts, scans, rips to variety of music, and other media.

** Public posts include the other 50% fangirling moments, quizzes, announcements, advertising, polls, magazines / merchandise for sale, event reports, and reviews on movies / music / musicals / books / etc..

** If you want to read my fanfiction and/or find graphics to use (icons & banners), please join the LJ Community, rfx_fanworks. Easier to maintain over there and you'll get see my other friends' fanworks as well! :D
29 July 2015 @ 08:01 pm
These are not New Year's Resolutions and in no particular order. Can be by myself or with a ton of great people I've met in my life :)

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HIKE (http://www.bahiker.com/trails.html / http://www.nvtrailmaps.com/)
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TRAVEL (Countries)
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TRAVEL (States)
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(More to add as my life goes by! :D)
03 February 2014 @ 01:47 pm
WOW! It's been years since I first opened this account. :P Well, I know I haven't been active on here lately because life has been hectic. As I said in my very last post, I moved to Nevada. A lot has changed for me - full-time job with benefits (not in the field I'm studying but to start off in a new state), have a new car (his name is Kageyama XD), and still a student who's going to try to transfer into UNLV for Fall Semester 2014. I've met a ton of of different people not from Vegas which is neat because we all have our reasons why we moved out into this crazy town. I'm still trying to see many shows out here, and they need a Japantown as I've gone through Chinatown and Koreatown already. :P Looks like this LJ need a new layout.... that will happen! ;D

My love for Arashi hasn't changed. XD It never will but because of my schedule, I haven't had time to download and watch anything. I recently am catching up on stuff from videos to buying their goods. I'm waiting to get my Arashi Love Concert goods in the mail. I completely missed out on pre-ordering the 'Bittersweet' single and knowing myself, I will probably pick up the Hong Kong or Korean version of it since it tends to be cheaper. :x

Links of my social media has changed. If you would like to follow me anywhere, be my guest. I tend to be on those websites more than here lately since it's easier to look at them on my phone. xD

Follow me here....Collapse )

Hope everyone is doing well! I apologize for not being active but I am active on other sites. So, hopefully, I can reconnect with a ton of people from here again. :D
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21 June 2013 @ 05:01 pm
Hi hi!! It's been a long time since I've written here. Life has been currently up and down. The only things that keep me afloat is my current goals in life and fangirling. Yes, fangirling! I've been into Kazoku Game for the past 2 months and now it's over! :(

My life in Nevada has been relaxing so far even if my mom is on my case about everything. Yeesh! I've realized that it's easier to transition from being a Californian to any other state cause I've learned a lot living there. I'm currently looking for employment and then going back to school to finish my Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice (must wait a year to apply for UNLV). I give myself till 35 to finish. Once I finish, I'm traveling to Japan for 2 weeks to a month as it's my graduation gift to myself. Finally go for my dream of visiting there and possibly seeing if I can live there. :)

I've been moving and posting at other blog sites & Twitter. I'm always on LJ but use it for other purposes like discussing episodes or graphic designing. xD So, if you want to find me and see more updated news, here ya go!

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Feel free to add me. I'm also working on a food blog! Once that is up with more than one post, I will announce it here. Also, due to many other blogs & communities posting scans of my fave boys, I'm going back to graphic designing for icons & banners as well. Must keep my brain occupied while jobless. :P
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22 April 2013 @ 01:55 am
I'm in the mood to be in a fangirling mood and also taking a break from writing! You may have nosebleeds as a warning. ;)

Decided to use my scans to make this lovely Sho hotness photo grid from his famous AnAn.
SCANS / Photo Grid CREDITS: warriorkitana (Photo Grid app on Android cell)

Sexy Sho ;)Collapse )

Watched 2 Broke Girls - Season 2, Episode 7. Man, for two Amish guys, WOW! I'd like to have my way with them if I could. :P
VIDEO CREDIT: torrent site / SCREENCAPS: warriorkitana (love VLC Player! ;) )
WOW! Shirtless!Collapse )

Glad that they made a Season 2 of Uta no Prince-sama. Cecil is a full member! All the other guys weren't happy to add a 7th member to STARISH. XD
VIDEO CREDIT: Nyatorrents / SCREENCAPS: warriorkitana

The princes!Collapse )

I should get back to writing now. Needed to get this out of my system! XD
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24 March 2013 @ 02:08 am
Since my writing juices have been flowing, I've come up with many fanfic ideas. Just now, after watching so many crime scene and human trafficking videos, I'm thinking of finally making an original fiction. The idea would be a woman who works undercover for a law enforcement agency in the world of sex trafficking. After seeing these videos, I'm going to research this idea further by reading more into it and make it as real as possible even if it's fiction. I've been trying to move towards that route cause some situations I've written in my fanfictions are real life circumstances. Hhhmmm......we'll see where this goes. Here goes to brainstorming and researching further on the topic!
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My creative juices have been flowing lately. I wrote down ideas a couple months and now on page 6 of the sequel for Promised. For people who haven't read it, you can read it at the rfx_fanworks community or on Dreamwidth - http://momichansakamoto.dreamwidth.org/2376.html. I haven't created a name for it yet since it's work in progress. I just decided to give a preview. So, enjoy the teaser:

TEASER!!!!Collapse )

Ahem, yeah, problems with the relationship for Sho and Momiji Tanaka. Combined many ideas for this and wondering if it would be wise to add NC-17 content now. We'll see. xD
19 March 2013 @ 02:11 am
Well, I decided, since I've come back into writing, to post it up both privately and publicly. So, you can go on two links:

LJ COMMUNITY: rfx_fanworks (Must become a member in order to view content. Also, this site has my two friends' works and my graphics)

DREAMWIDTH: http://momichansakamoto.dreamwidth.org/ (You'll see all my writings in public and I do screen ALL comments. This under another name since most people know that name from a certain social networking site. This will be identical to the postings in the RFX Fanworks community.)

If this is damn confusing, let me know. xD
18 March 2013 @ 02:05 am
Aloha! Well, I've been doing writing again and even working on some other creative ways besides fanfiction. Before writing fiction, I started out in poetry. Two of my poems, in my lifetime, were published in anthologies. :D So, it's a nice accomplishment.

The names of the poems are Karma and Pain to Death. Karma rhymes a lot but it's an abstract point of view. Pain to Death is a sonnet I wrote for a project and scared my teacher. xD

To see them, please join the rfx_fanworks community cause all original and fanworks are for members only! I need to get back into graphic designing too! Also, since I'm brainstorming ideas, you'll see scenes here on my personal journal which may end up in one of my stories. ;) Anyways, ENJOY!
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