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Hirano Sho's performance of Rogue

I started studying the Japanese language even though I've been into Japanese culture & music my whole life. My plan is go to Japan in the Fall 2021 since my plans this year were a bust. Thanks, Rona. :P

As I needed a break from studying, I came across a video of Hirano Sho singing some R&B type of song called Rogue. I was like, 'I know I'm a new fan of Kinpuri but want this song and never heard it before!' After searching for it, he was performing a cover to Kikuchi Fuma's solo in the one Sexy Zone album. I never heard much of Sexy Zone's music even as an Arashi fangirl. After listening to the original version, Kikuchi's voice seemed off for some reason which I cannot place. I liked Hirano singing it since his voice is deeper, and he seemed REALLY INTO IT when performing. From my understanding & translated interviews, Hirano is also into the R&B genre which is probably why it flowed better. This is just my opinion.... don't hate me. ^^;

Here's where I found the lyrics with Kanji, Romaji/Romanji, and English translation:

I really want to memorize this song now cause I love the lyrics and the flow of the beats. Love R&B anything! This is what happens when growing up in the 90s. LOL.


First post of 2014

WOW! It's been years since I first opened this account. :P Well, I know I haven't been active on here lately because life has been hectic. As I said in my very last post, I moved to Nevada. A lot has changed for me - full-time job with benefits (not in the field I'm studying but to start off in a new state), have a new car (his name is Kageyama XD), and still a student who's going to try to transfer into UNLV for Fall Semester 2014. I've met a ton of of different people not from Vegas which is neat because we all have our reasons why we moved out into this crazy town. I'm still trying to see many shows out here, and they need a Japantown as I've gone through Chinatown and Koreatown already. :P Looks like this LJ need a new layout.... that will happen! ;D

My love for Arashi hasn't changed. XD It never will but because of my schedule, I haven't had time to download and watch anything. I recently am catching up on stuff from videos to buying their goods. I'm waiting to get my Arashi Love Concert goods in the mail. I completely missed out on pre-ordering the 'Bittersweet' single and knowing myself, I will probably pick up the Hong Kong or Korean version of it since it tends to be cheaper. :x

Links of my social media has changed. If you would like to follow me anywhere, be my guest. I tend to be on those websites more than here lately since it's easier to look at them on my phone. xD

Collapse )

Hope everyone is doing well! I apologize for not being active but I am active on other sites. So, hopefully, I can reconnect with a ton of people from here again. :D

An original fiction idea?

Since my writing juices have been flowing, I've come up with many fanfic ideas. Just now, after watching so many crime scene and human trafficking videos, I'm thinking of finally making an original fiction. The idea would be a woman who works undercover for a law enforcement agency in the world of sex trafficking. After seeing these videos, I'm going to research this idea further by reading more into it and make it as real as possible even if it's fiction. I've been trying to move towards that route cause some situations I've written in my fanfictions are real life circumstances. Hhhmmm......we'll see where this goes. Here goes to brainstorming and researching further on the topic!


For some odd reason, this group popped up when I was looking for Ai Otsuka's, 'Planetarium' song and LOVE THEM NOW! They're named B.A.P. Apparently, they just came out last year and have a mix of Korean pop, rock, and hip hop. The beats from them are really intense which I love. Plus, they're music seems kinda empowering to me and been listening to them non-stop the past weekend. So, here's their ONE SHOT MV. Hopefully, more people like them too! ;)


[icons] Sho Sakurai - AnAn 2011

As usual, I'm like the latest person EVER on any graphics project! --; I was supposed to finish a ton of Sho icons for his birthday but epic fail. :P Better late than never, right? Anyways, like I did at the Mao Inoue icons, I will keep the icons here for a week. Then, I will transfer them to my LJ Community. Please credit warriorkitana if you're gonna take them! ENJOY!

SCAN CREDIT: ilovesn@weibo

2/23/12: Moved to my LJ Community --> rfx_fanworks

[screencaps] Arashi AU WiMax CMs (Rocker)

Eto....I could've sworn I posted it here. Apparently, I didn't. Last month, I was on an Arashi frenzy (still am! XD). I made screencaps from the rocker versions of Arashi's AU WiMax CMs. Why? Cause I know a lot of people may want icons. ;) So here ya go.

CM VIDEO CREDIT: last of days (LJ Community)

Just click this link -->

If you're gonna to use the screencaps in any way, just credit warriorkitana. If you want me to make your icons, please request it at my community, rfx_fanworks. It makes it easier to track. This will be a public post unless someone tells me to take this down OR misuse. If there are any other show

Next screencap project: 2011-2012 KOUHAKU! :D