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20 March 2013 @ 01:27 am
Preview to the sequel of the one-shot, Promised....  
My creative juices have been flowing lately. I wrote down ideas a couple months and now on page 6 of the sequel for Promised. For people who haven't read it, you can read it at the rfx_fanworks community or on Dreamwidth - http://momichansakamoto.dreamwidth.org/2376.html. I haven't created a name for it yet since it's work in progress. I just decided to give a preview. So, enjoy the teaser:

    Sho, now incredibly drunk, slammed his shot glass on the table, demanding more shots.
    Jun blinked, sipping his soda, not sure what to say. Sho looked like he was going to kill someone.
    “More shots!!!” He continued to demand. The waiters finally came by, giving them more sake bottles. Sho smiled, quickly opening the bottle and decided to drink from the bottle.
    Jun put his glass down and stopped him, “You’re overdoing it. What is wrong with you? You are never this bad.”
    Sho glared, “I’m never this bad? I always drink like this.” Hiccup. “What’s it to you, anyways? You’re not having a shot at all….”
    “A certain someone is being responsible and driving you home later. Now, take it easy. Speak more than drink and yell at the waiters.” Jun already thought to apologize to them for Sho’s behavior.
    “Why would you care? Life is falling apart. Today was horrible. Some of the staff is injured from the falling structures. The fans know never to take pictures but they still do especially at the exit when we came out. Keiko was badly sick and couldn’t come to the shoot today. Then, our schedule changed AGAIN this week. Why can’t we keep it all together?” he vented.
    Jun knew there was more to this, though. Sho vented only about today and nothing about his girlfriend, “Are you sure that is it?”
    Sho took the bottle and poured himself a shot, “Of course. My girlfriend is possibly cheating on me…” he downed it.
    “What? Momiji-chan cheating? I don’t believe that one….” He didn’t because some of the times she went out, she went with the Arashi members and spoke to them about her problems with Sho.
    “How would you know?” he looked at Jun before pouring another shot. “She’s always out with friends, and when she comes home, I can smell cologne. Come on! I mean, she’s unhappy with me. She must be doing someone else…” he looked disgusted and then continued, “…she’s becoming like my exes. Cheating on me and then leaving cause they’re-“

Ahem, yeah, problems with the relationship for Sho and Momiji Tanaka. Combined many ideas for this and wondering if it would be wise to add NC-17 content now. We'll see. xD